I ran a visioning workshop based on the Design the box activity outlined at Gamestorming and in their fantastic app (which all facilitators and teachers should buy!) at the Australian Information Education Symposium in Adelaide on 24 June. In this workshop, educators designed a box for one of two products: the perfect information studies course (at qualification level) or the perfect information studies graduate.

Getting a room full of academics playing with crepe paper, stickers, cardboard, glue, ribbons and scissors felt like a daunting task. But they all got into the spirit and came up with really fantastic boxes.

We finished up the session with a start, stop, continue activity, where each person noted one thing they would start doing, one thing they would stop doing, and one thing they would continue doing in their teaching practice as a result of what we’d discussed in the workshop and the morning sessions at the Symposium.

My slides and the photos of the finished boxes are embedded below.