At the 2012 ALIA Queensland Mini-Conference: Innovate, Evolve, Create, I gave a keynote on creativity. This presentation was a reflective exploration creativity – what it means to be creative, why creativity is important, and how we can cultivate it. These are my slides from the presentation, and some resources that I referred to.

TED talks

I referred to a couple of different TED talks during my presentation. These were:

Things and people I quoted

I quoted a couple of people in my presentation, including Edward de Bono and Shelley Carson. Here is a very short YouTube playlist of three clips I quoted from.

I’ve also been pinning creativity quotes on Pinterest and I used some of these quotes in the presentation.

Structured brainstorming and creative problem solving

If you want to learn how to run structured brainstorming activities or solve problems creatively, I highly recommend the book Gamestorming: a playbook for innovators, rulebreakers, changemakers and the fantastic app that goes along with it.


I used a couple of Creative Commons licensed images in this presentation. These were:

Libraries as incubator spaces

We talked about libraries as incubator spaces (and I gave a really inarticulate response to a question on how we can be incubators and whether this is a new role for us) and I referred vaguely to “this awesome blog post”. Here are the very awesome things I was referring to.

On LibraryHack

A delegate mentioned LibraryHack as an example of libraries as incubators. Perfect example! You can find out more about LibraryHack on their website, or watch the playlist of videos related to LibraryHack created by a QUT Master of Information Technology (Library and Information Studies) (MIT LIS) student and myself.

Finally, here’s Little Red Riding Hood mashup video I mentioned (created by MIT LIS student Katya Henry).