Information experience of new mothers in social media

I am currently finalising my PhD thesis titled The information experience of new mothers in social media: a grounded theory study.

Final seminar

If you’d like to attend my final seminar on 15 December 2014, here are the details:

The session will run simultaneously on campus and online. Here are the details:

If you are a participant attending the online session, please note: Your and your child/ren’s names have been changed throughout my thesis to preserve your anonymity. I won’t be using your names in my presentation either. I suggest you consider using a pseudonym to log in to the online session, just to add an extra layer of privacy. I’ve set the session up so that you should be prompted to enter only a name (which you can make up) and no email address.

How the seminar works

The seminar itself will run for about an hour. I’ll speak about the project for about 40 minutes, and then there will be some question time for about 20 minutes. The seminar is the interesting part that you might want to be there for 😉

Attending online

  • If you’re having problems, check the quick start guide. It’s a pretty intuitive piece of software that generally just works, so really no need to spend time reading the guide unless you’re having difficulties.
  • I won’t have any technical support so if you experience any issues, I’m afraid I won’t be able to help. But the session will be recorded as a back up.
Other information
  • Note you won’t be able to turn on your microphone or camera until I join the room and enable this for you, so don’t worry if it doesn’t work straight away. Camera and mic use is optional (and probably not needed really).
  • You’ll be able to ask questions via chat or using your microphone, so don’t worry if you don’t have a microphone.
  • I’ll give you a tour of Connect at the beginning of the session, so don’t worry about trying to figure it out in the interim.

About my project

The presentation I gave at my confirmation of candidature seminar is embedded below. If you’d like further information about my study, please get in touch.

Here’s a presentation I gave at a social media research seminar for higher degree students at QUT in October 2013. I presented about my PhD as a case study of social media research.

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